Zoober Rent is an online booking platform that enables users to rent out their items or services.

We help users earn extra cash and help people save money by not having to buy items for singular use.

Why buy when you can hire?

You sure can! Feel free to contact us via email at zoober@zoober.rent or message us through Facebook Messenger. We’re here to help.

This is super easy. The first step you need to take is to ensure your payment settings are set up correctly. Go to My Account > Store Manager > Settings > Payments. Here you can enter your Paypal email address. 

You can then go into your payments tab in your Store Manager and click Withdraw to transfer funds from Zoober Rent to PayPal. 

Variable Ads are easy to set up once familiar. We have created a how to video which is available under the Add New Item page of your Store Manager. 

Click the ‘Need Help?’ button.

We accept both Paypal and Stripe. Both these payment methods are secure and easy to use.

Payments are made via Stripe (secure credit and debit card payments) and are instantly available in the Zoober dashboard once an order has been placed and paid for. This automatically gets deposited into your nominated paypal account weekly at no additional cost.

If you would like to contact the renter first or get them to sign T&C’s or a rental agreement. Make it clear in your listing that you would like them to contact you before they book your items. Messages can be sent through the platform including any files such as driver’s license pictures or terms and conditions.

The easiest way is for you to put a sentence up in your listing descriptions that renters should message you before booking so you can ensure the item’s availability.

If you are the vendor or business owner, it won’t cost you a cent. The fees are passed onto the consumer when they make a purchase through the platform.
If you had something for rent for $100, you would get the full $100. We would charge the vendor $107 meaning our Fees are 7% to the renter.

Go to ‘orders’ in your Dashboard and click either Print, PDF, Excel or CSV. An automatic download will begin and you can import this directly into your accounting software.

Once an order has been placed an invoice is sent to the customer and an order confirmation with payment and details is sent to the vendor. Everything with Zoober is automated.

There are multiple ways you can get into contact to speak with someone at Zoober. Feel free to contact us on Facebook, https://zoober.rent/ and the online chat or email at zoober@zoober.rent.