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Renting your own items on Zoober Rent can seem daunting at first, when in reality, if the correct steps are taken it’s extremely rewarding for both parties. 

If you’re a newbie vendor, this blog will help guide you through the process of how to rent out your items securely with confidence. These tips and tricks will make sure no unexpected surprises arise along the way during your rental process.

Once the order has been placed

1. Check customers reviews

Ensure that the customer booked in to rent your item has a good rental history and you’re happy to proceed. Refunds are available if you’re uncomfortable about the renter.

2. Be friendly and message them.

People buy from who they like, and who knows, you might get a recurring customer. Be friendly and message them once the order is placed. Keep relevance to the item being picked up. It will make the buyer feel comfortable.

“Hi Dave, I have just filled my lawnmower up and she’s ready for you to pickup! See you tomorrow”

3. Ensure the item is clean and ready for pickup

Present the item in the condition you expect it to be returned in. Ensure it’s clean and check it’s operating correctly. 

The pictures in your listing shouldn’t be outdated or off the internet, they should be real photos of your item.

During the exchange

1. Ask for photo Identification

Take a photo of the renter’s driver’s license to ensure their identity is correct and in case something was to happen.

2. Show the renter how to use the item 

Ensure the renter is confident in using the item before they leave. Show them how to operate if unsure. 

You should demonstrate the item is in working condition during the exchange and inspection.

Once the item is returned

1. Check the item is functioning & not damaged

Do relevant checks to ensure no damage has occurred and the item is in functioning order as when originally picked up.

2. Review the renter and ask for one in return

Reviews provide clarity and confidence during the Zoober Rent process. They make your listing more genuine and prove your reliability. The more reviews you have the more sales you’ll make.

Our job is to make renting easier than ever with minimal problems. The above checklist will provide you with enough information and to ensure your renting experience runs as smoothly as possible. 

The first step to making extra income is taking action, so if you’re not signed up to Zoober Rent already, you’re missing out! 

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